1. Build a network of volunteers

We would love to get volunteer support for causes like donate a blanket, toys, essentials to needy and homeless people nationally. Our volunteer team will expand to cover rural areas as well and will visit frequently to ensure needy ones are taken care of.

2. Creative blogging and sharing of views

Let your readers know that you support Aashayein by writing about it in your blog. Feel free to write something about Aashayein and the cause we support. Selected contributions will be published on our official blog.

Volunteer Aashayein Foundation

3. Promote online fundraising and donations

Ashayein plans to expand its operations to more and more locations. A large number of individuals from throughout the globe are contributing to this fund in their own small ways.

Participate in online fundraising as a volunteer. The funds raised will be used for the provision of food and nutritional supplements for children and elderly persons. Dedicated fundraisers are recognized for their efforts on selected collaterals of Aashayein.

4. Build awareness online

You can volunteer to assist Aashayein by participating in its social media campaign, based on which social media platform you are most active on. Each of us spends a significant amount of time on social networking sites. So why not use this time for a good cause? You can-

Volunteer Aashayein Foundation

Depending upon your interests, you can take part in all or any of these activities. We will acknowledge your contributions on our Facebook page.

Volunteer Spotlight

Raghavi Goel

“Raghavi Goel is a 16-year-old high school student striving to advocate for something important. From the moment she stepped into Aashayein and met patrons who had been helped, she saw herself in their shoes. From the five-year-old playing with a toy kitchen set to the elderly patient serenely reading her book, they were both past and future versions of her. Every day since, she has woken up with the purpose of changing lives for the better etched in her heart, eager to share it with others.”

Become a volunteer

    Ashayein also works in partnership with the most credible nonprofits to ensure that your donation has the desired effect. The donation of ₹1,000 per month can provide one elder with monthly essentials.

    Your contribution to the care of a senior citizen will:

    • Provide nutritional support to fight infections
    • Providing elders with nutritional supplements and medications will help them remain healthy
    • Provide toiletries and essentials for every month

    Our NGO Partners

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    We promise that your donation will be used as intended-to change lives.

    Please spread the word about this mission

    Because every share will be a step in the right direction and will help a life in need. By extending your reach to all your family and friends, you can have a greater impact on the world around you.